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ToneRack V2 Released on the AppStore

ToneRack version 2 has now been released on the AppStore. This is the first in a series of updates that we are rolling out for ToneRack. The new functionality in this release includes:

  1. Local preview sounds – no more waiting for audio previews to stream from the web.
  2. Social integration – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are now linked from the audio preview pages
  3. Optimised graphics for iPhone 5 display
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ToneRack Rock on the App Store

Heavy rock guitar ringtones and alert sounds prevail in this new soundset from ToneRack

ToneRack Rock is now int he App Store after months in production. The new ToneRack sound bank delivers one thing and one thing only- heavy, aggressive, shredding guitar ringtones and alert sounds for iPhone.  As always quality is the mantra at ToneRack and these professionally recorded and mastered sounds sound amazing.  Get you iPhone rockin’ with the new ToneRack Rock ringtones. On the App Store now.

ToneRack SMS

iPhone Custom SMS and Notification Sounds

We have released the much anticipated second instalment in the ToneRack series – ToneRack SMS/Text and Notification Sounds. As the name suggests, the app serves up a quality library of sounds custom designed for use as alert tones on your iPhone.

iOS 5 was released on 12.10.11 and with this update (finally) comes the ability for iPhone users to set custom sounds for notifications such as:

  • Text/SMS
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Alerts
  • Voicemail
  • Tweets

Check it out now on the App Store.

500 Sign Custom SMS Petition

The petition to Apple to allow custom SMS sounds functionality on iPhone received its 500th signature today Friday January 21, 2011.

The petition aims to collect 10,000 signatures of iPhone users who want the ability to add their own sounds to be used as SMS alerts.

Currently the iPhone is probably the only ‘smart’ phone in the world that doesn’t allow users to add customs sounds for this purpose. Apple was slow to react to its users who demanded custom ringtones several years ago (yes believe it or not the first generation iPhone didn’t even allow custom ringtones!) and seems to dragging the chain again over custom SMS sounds.

The iPhone already works with the .m4a format for custom ringtones so hopefully the same format will be adopted for custom SMS sounds if and when the feature is added.

The petition is still active at so be sure to sign it and pass on the link to all the iPhone users that you know.  Thanks for your support!

ToneRack Update Released on App Store

We’ve released a new version of ToneRack! V1.2 is now on the AppStore so be sure to get the update and take advantage of the new look and features.

*  Graphics optimized for iPhone 4 Retina display
*  New easy to use Audio Player design
* Featured Sounds – Each week our producer recommends a ringtone and gives insight into its production.
*  Updated sound library – cool new sounds.

If you haven’t tried ToneRack yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out now and spice up your iPhone ringtones.

iPhone Custom SMS

Petition Apple for Custom SMS Alert Sounds on iPhone

Hmmm. Custom SMS alert sounds on the iPhone, or lack thereof. Quite a sore point for many iPhone users.

Forums and discussions online have been rife with user dissatisfaction over the issue for some time, and it’s hard to believe that this commentary hasn’t been fed back to Apple. Yet with the recent release of iOS 4 we still see no sign of custom SMS sounds. What to do about it?

CellBubble has started an online petition to Apple to allow custom SMS alert sounds on iPhone. Sign the petition at ThePetitionSite.Com here. Who knows? Maybe Apple will take some notice if enough users voice their opinions on the issue.

We’ve set a taget of 100,000 signatures, so please show your support and sign the petition now. Send the link to your friends, re-tweet it or link it to your Facebook page. Lets get as many signatures as we can.

ToneRack (Free) Exceeds 12000+ downloads in 48 hours in the App Store

CellBubble recently offered ToneRack for free on the App Store as a special 48 hour offer. With 3000+ downloads after day one and 8000+ after day 2, it would be fair to say that ToneRack proved very popular. Now that’s what I call a BUZZ!

And so it should be. ToneRack certainly offers iPhone users some new and interesting ringtones and alarms to spice up their iPhone sounds.

We hope all of our new users are enjoying their new ToneRack sounds! If you were one of the lucky ones to download ToneRack for free, be sure to pass on the word to your friends… For those who missed out on the free bonanza, not to worry, ToneRack is still available in the App Store for a tiny one-off purchase. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for cutting-edge sounds for your iPhone.

ToneRack, cutting-edge sound design for iPhone.

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ToneRack Available on the App Store Now

After months of hard work in development and production, Apple has given ToneRack the green light.  Tone Rack is now available in the App Store.

ToneRack features premium ringtones and alarms for iPhone. Now iPhone users have a serious option for great sounding ringtones and alarms. Show your phone some love and spice up your sound with ToneRack.