I worked for QUT for a few years as an AV tech. I mainly looked after the audio side of things. The AV projects team was an award winning team, with individuals and the team receiving several awards including a VC’s award.

Audio related areas of expertise included:
- DSP system design (Biamp Audia/Nexia),
- Room commission and tuning using the EASRA SysTune software package,
- Management of the radio microphone systems including the frequency allocation.
- Use of the full range of audio analysis and calibration tools including test microphones, SPL meters and signal generators/analysers.
- Ensure maximum system uptime though ‘live’ fault finding and provided fixes or system work arounds on the spot.

Other tasks:
- Install tech – Design, build, installation, commission and ongoing maintenance of the universities 200+ AV equipped, AMX integrated spaces.
- Project management
- Auto CAD documentation of system schematics.