500 Sign Custom SMS Petition

by | Jan 21, 2011

The petition to Apple to allow custom SMS sounds functionality on iPhone received its 500th signature today Friday January 21, 2011.

The petition aims to collect 10,000 signatures of iPhone users who want the ability to add their own sounds to be used as SMS alerts.

Currently the iPhone is probably the only ‘smart’ phone in the world that doesn’t allow users to add customs sounds for this purpose. Apple was slow to react to its users who demanded custom ringtones several years ago (yes believe it or not the first generation iPhone didn’t even allow custom ringtones!) and seems to dragging the chain again over custom SMS sounds.

The iPhone already works with the .m4a format for custom ringtones so hopefully the same format will be adopted for custom SMS sounds if and when the feature is added.The petition is still active at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/custom-sms-alert-sounds-for-iphone/ so be sure to sign it and pass on the link to all the iPhone users that you know.  Thanks for your support!