Petition Apple for Custom SMS Alert Sounds on iPhone

by | Oct 19, 2010

Hmmm. Custom SMS alert sounds on the iPhone, or lack thereof. Quite a sore point for many iPhone users.

Forums and discussions online have been rife with user dissatisfaction over the issue for some time, and it’s hard to believe that this commentary hasn’t been fed back to Apple. Yet with the recent release of iOS 4 we still see no sign of custom SMS sounds. What to do about it?

CellBubble has started an online petition to Apple to allow custom SMS alert sounds on iPhone. Sign the petition at ThePetitionSite.Com here. Who knows? Maybe Apple will take some notice if enough users voice their opinions on the issue.

We’ve set a taget of 100,000 signatures, so please show your support and sign the petition now. Send the link to your friends, re-tweet it or link it to your Facebook page. Lets get as many signatures as we can.